Women’s private therapy, couples and group DUI counseling

Women's private therapy, couples and group DUI counseling

We specialize in women’s issues yet understand that women are relational beings.

Our program specializes in supporting women’s mental health, teaching her tools to overcome addiction, couples counseling, family therapy and DUI programming that is specific to women’s needs. We understand that we need to support women in their relationships, hence, the importance of couples therapy and/or family therapy. We want to engage the system which may be integral into helping the woman live her best life. Our gender specific approach is personalized, coming from a trauma informed place, and nurturing. We aim to provide quality programming by using evidence based tools, keeping our groups small and personable, and creating a soothing and positive environment.

Ultimately we want women not to feel judged as they may already be feeling shame around their addiction, or their DUI, or any other struggles. Hence, every woman we see is treated with respect and care. We work both with women who are court ordered (DUI, parenting classes, anger management) and women who do not have legal consequences yet they are motivated to learn new skills and overcome obstacles that may be creating an addiction or mental health struggles. Take the first step by calling for an appointment, you will be pleased.

Mental Wellness


Schedule your private psychotherapy, couple therapy or family therapy. Your therapy will be tailored to your unique life. A Woman’s Way to Recovery is LGBTQI friendly!

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Court Ordered DUI Programs

The ONLY gender specific DUI licensed program in Colorado. Female DUI Program, Groups for DUI, Private treatment for DUI, Therapy Groups for DUI, Tracks A, B, C, D are offered. * A therapeutic and educational evidence based workbook is used. Private DUI education (not groups) are designed to give you true privacy and anonymity.


An intervention is a professionally orchestrated in person meeting between a substance abuser and people who have been affected by that person’s abuse-generally family, friends and sometimes employers and coworkers.The goal of an intervention is to motivate a substance abuser to seek help with his or her drug and/or alcohol problem. As a licensed and certified clinician Belina has conducted countless interventions since 1995.  Please call for more details,and if seriously concerned about a love one, call immediately.

DUI & Addictions

The ONLY gender specific DUI licensed program in Colorado. Private DUI education (not groups) are designed to give you true privacy and anonymity.

Abuse Trauma

A safe, nurturing and supportive environment to help the trauma sensitive female from sexual abuse and domestic violence.

Couples Therapy

Marriage counseling and healthy intimacy education.

Family Therapy

Counseling for the family or for the single parent seeking a healthy and nurturing approach to relations.


Our program is the “Ritz Carlton” of DUI Education and Therapy in Colorado. As a small personable program, our groups are less than 10 women. Our therapist gets back to clients via email, text or phone, creating a convenient and supportive program.


Sometimes it is challenging to leave your home or office. You may work long hours or live in a rural area or busy balancing children as a single parent. Therefore you can get professional help via phone or Skype at your convenience in a truly confidential manner. No running into people you know in the lobby, no stress driving in traffic to get to your appointment, just ease and comfort with a professional and experienced clinician.

A journey begins with one courageous and perhaps vulnerable step forward.


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