Licensure Supervision

Are you looking for Licensure Supervision?

Women's DUI Classes, Private Therapy, Couples & Family Counseling in Denver, ColoradoFor those of you with a Master’s Degree in Social Work or a Master’s of Arts in Psychology, you need professional supervision (and passage of the state board exam and other state requirements) in order to gain licensure in Colorado.
 Belina Fruitman, LCSW, CAClll, provides professional supervision privately and/or in a group setting.  As a former professor of social work and clinician since 1997, she specializes in mental health, addictions, women’s issues, trauma, family/couples therapy and group therapy. Please contact her to talk further about your professional needs and advancement in your career, 303-523-0621.
Professional supervision is a key component to honing your skills,  preventing burn out and staying on the edge of your knowledge base.

This link will get you to state licensure requirements for LCSW: