Nothing compares to a video testimonial from a current or past client of ours.

In these brief videos you may hear women refer to grief issues such a losing their drug of choice or their freedom due to probation, or how they learned to cope with a new lifestyle after divorce and how they now are learning how to co parent sober, managing anxiety in a new healthy way. Or you may listen to someone talk about the value they found in female only educational groups and how now they live a life of empowerment.Moreover, the women talk here about the personable professional care and the new coping skills they obtained or the new hope they found after being in therapy in a safe trauma sensitive program where their issues are confidential and respected.You can read web sites, view Yelp, and Google reviews, yet a brief and personable testimonial regarding DUI programming/education or psychotherapy speaks volumes.  Please take a few moments to click on these short yet heart warming testimonials.