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A Woman's Way to Recovery

Your Intervention
Need an intervention…call Belina. By now we all have heard about interventions, the process by which someone or a small concerned group such as a family, come together to hire a professional to “intervene” and motivate someone into treatment. That treatment usually centers on some kind of addiction: alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription medications, pornography, gambling, and/or eating disorders. The intervention is commonly known by most people thanks to such reality shows as Intervention, and also the massive amounts of news generated by high profile actors, athletes, models and politicians who are plagued by some kind of addiction.
Instead of watching someone live on the brink of destruction, we can choose to hire a professional who is qualified and experienced in addictions and knows how to proceed. Too many times I have heard stories about families trusting the internet and hiring someone to intervene in their lives, yet were left with poor outcomes. This blog is meant to teach you why I am qualified to facilitate interventions and what things you want to know when investing in an interventionist. Below is a list you can check off when searching to hire a professional to help you in the change process of moving a loved out of denial and into the action phase of change. Prochaska and DiClemente, two well-known authors of the Stages of Change, have uncovered how someone changes and how a professional, through the use of Motivational Interviewing, can question someone in an intervention, ultimately moving them into action/treatment.
Remember that you are the customer, hire someone who will be available to you to answer all your questions and get you the support you need. Often the ones hiring the interventionist are the ones hurting. You have watched someone live a slow form of suicide, hence, you need support and should hire someone who is reliable, professional and invested in a good outcome.