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Abuse Trauma

Trauma such as sexual abuse and domestic violence can impact one’s spirituality, sobriety, relationships with self, others, and her environment, leading to shame, guilt, substance abuse, depression, anxiety and isolation. With effective treatment one does not have to suffer from trauma and its implications, one can heal. Therefore the therapists at A Woman’s Way to Recovery in Denver operate from a trauma informed perspective.

One study showed that 75% of women in treatment programs for drug and alcohol abuse report having been sexually abused (American Journal on Addictions, June 1997). Furthermore, about 90% of women who are dependent upon alcohol suffered “severe violence at the hands of a parent” or were sexually abused during childhood (Journal of Traumatic Stress, December 1999). Also note that a study of 100 adult patients with poly toxic drug abuse revealed that 70% of the female subjects had been sexually abused prior to the age of 16 (Schizophrenia Research, December 2002).


We live in a time when addictions are more common than ever. From Smartphones to Social Networking to shopping and alcohol and drugs (legal and illegal drugs such as prescription medications) and food, one's addiction is just a symptom of something else. The maladaptive behaviors listed above are all reactions to root issues such as trauma, abuse, grief, loneliness/isolation, lack of meaning, depression, anxiety disorders and anger.

Convenience & Quality

One learning aspect to the Covid 19 Pandemic was that telehealth is just as effective as in person therapy in a brick and mortar office. Social distancing did not mean that one could not access quality mental health care, but just the opposite. Whether you work long hours or live in a rural area and/or busy balancing children, these are all reasons to meet via a video platform such as Zoom or Google Meets. You can get professional help at your convenience in a truly confidential manner, all while saving time since there is no commute. No running into people you know in the lobby, no stress driving in traffic to get to your appointment, just ease and comfort with a professional, licensed and experienced clinician.

Court Ordered DUI Programs

The ONLY gender specific DUI licensed program in Colorado. Female DUI Program, Groups for DUI, Private treatment for DUI, Therapy Groups for DUI, Tracks A, B, C, D are offered. A therapeutic and educational evidence based workbook is used. Private DUI education (not groups) are designed to give you true privacy and anonymity.

Couples Therapy

Marriage counseling and healthy intimacy education.Couples therapy is tailored to each unique couple's needs. Typical issues addressed include: dynamics of blended families (second marriages learning how to navigate step children), trust issues, addictions of all kinds (alcohol, drugs, shopping, video gaming, pornography, social networking), clarifying needs and goals, and intimacy issues. This is a safe place where couples can learn new healthy relationship skills in order to save their partnership.

Family Therapy

Our environment plays a significant role in our overall health which means our mental health and how we chose to cope with life stressors and/or triggers. How a family dances around that home environment is a critical piece of recovery and change. Therefore, family therapy and/or couples therapy is an integral force when one needs to better their life. Improving ones life is equal to improving ones family dynamics; at A Woman's Way to Recovery, we approach the family in a way that improves communication, builds trust and leads to a nurturing environment where everyone can grow and thrive.


An intervention is a professionally orchestrated in person meeting between a substance abuser and people who have been affected by that person’s abuse. Generally family, friends and sometimes employers and coworkers are involved in that process. The goal of an intervention is to motivate a substance abuser to seek help with his or her drug and/or alcohol problem. As a licensed and certified clinician Belina has conducted countless interventions since 1995. Please call for more details, and if seriously concerned about a love one, call immediately.