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Nothing compares to client testimonials!

I’ll start off by saying I’m so glad i found this place and so glad that i finally decided to open up. Belina is the most amazing, kind hearted human being i have ever met, she has taught me so so much! The ladies in group are absolutely amazing!! When i first started i wanted nothing to do with class or group, but i promise you staying and opening up was the best thing i have ever done!!!!

Alexandria Bleyenberg

Talking with Belina truly changed my life. I was stuck in a negative pattern of thinking for so long and I never thought I would be able to handle my emotions in a healthy way. But after talking with Belina regularly, I finally beat my unhealthy habits and learned how to reframe my thinking. Belina is so kind, supportive, empathetic, and open-minded. It is also nice that she recommends books, articles, and films that support what I am working on. I ABSOLUTELY recommend talking to A Woman's Way to Recovery!!! It made all the difference for me.

Kaitlin Enge

I’m so thankful I found Belina, she has taught me so much about myself and has encouraged me through the toughest time of my life. Belina is so sweet and is like a friend you can talk to with no judgement, only understanding. I highly recommend her!

Tyler Vigil

I came into this group not knowing what to expect, but at this point, I can honestly say that I love it! Belina is so kind and amazing at directing the group into self reflection. I love that it’s all women too... we can all relate to each other and everyone is supportive. I’m so glad I was referred to this group.

Thalia Tovar

Ever since I have walked into these doors I have came out a changed woman this is the best counseling I’ve ever received in my whole life being to multiple places Belina is amazing and is such a caring and thoughtful counselor.

Taryn Christie

This place has truly changed my ways of thinking giving me the help i needed in the time of need im glad i found it and was accepted as family my therapist has been truly helpful and my classes keep me focused on sobriety thank you all.

TaShia Harper

I cannot imagine having any other therapist than Belina Fruitman. She doesn’t just treat the addiction, but the roots of it. The biggest and most valuable tools she has helped me to find and develop are boundaries and self-worth. She has helped me immensely with how to replace the negative voice inside me with positive affirmations and tools to remain sober and moving forward. She has taught me to believe in myself and to know that I am worth staying sober; as well as accepting and loving my authentic self. My life is completely changed and continuing to change in positive and beautiful ways because of Belina Fruitman. I deserve this sober and authentic life!

Carrie G.

Belina is non-judgmental, supportive, compassionate and encouraging. Belina gives me hope, direction and specifics steps which have enabled me to be alcohol and drug free for more than one year. Thank you, Belina! I am confident that I will never relapse again. I no longer live with fear. Belina Fruitman has changed my life. I am finally able to understand and control my alcohol and drug addition.

Angie's List 05/02/2017

She is AMAZING! Belina is such a great woman who really cares about her clients. She takes the time to understand their needs and what will help them best. In a snippet, Belina has changed my life for the better and I am forever grateful to her. I started as once a week and have recently moved to once every 2 weeks. For those who are in financial hardship, she has a sliding scale to assist with payment which was very helpful. Thanks for helping me find myself Belina! Counseling due to divorce and seperation.

Angie's List 05/02/2017

I have been seeing Belina Fruitman for six months on a weekly basis. She has helped me understand the root and triggers of my alcohol abuse. Due to her help, helping me realize that I am in control of my thoughts and actions, I am proud to say I haven't had an alcoholic beverage in a long time. Belina does more than that for me. She helps me deal with all the surroundings issues and situations that are related to my stress and triggers. I have been to many therapists over the years and I have gotten more and gained more knowledge and self help and confidence through her. I would and have highly recommended her to anyone seeking help. I have a major drinking problem and started seeing Belina Fruitman to help me come to terms with my issue and assist me in stopping drinking alcohol.

Angie's List 04/25/2017

Excellent I feel so much better about myself. My time working with Belina enhanced my life significantly, I hope that women who need professional support find her. I needed help managing my life and finding joy and self esteem. My life was lacking meaning and focus, now I have it back, thanks to Belina and her years of experience.

Angie's List 04/20/2017

I highly recommend A Woman's Way to Recovery for any woman who is struggling with addiction, despair, personal problems, legal issues related to alcohol or drugs, or feelings that alcohol and drug use are negatively impacting their lives. I truly believe that positive change is possible for every person and with support these changes are more likely to be realized. Grief counseling.

Angie's List 04/20/2017

What a journey this has been. I have learned so much during this time and feel grateful (as crazy as this sounds) that I was presented with this challenge. It has been very positive for me personally. Thank you again for the huge and very important role you played in guiding me through this rough time. I appreciate YOU!! With friendship & Love,

Dianne Hirsch

In late 2015, I found myself facing a 2nd DUI. I was fully aware that I needed therapeutic guidance I and began the arduous task of interviewing therapists. It was vital that I have a positive and healing experience while, also, fulfilling my court requirements. Upon meeting with Belina (at A Woman’s Way to Recovery) I knew, immediately, that I had found my therapeutic home. Belina is a ray of light! Her care and consideration for her clients is palpable. The environment at A Woman’s Way to Recovery is free of judgement and free of shaming. Belina offers a place of safety where positive attitudes are encouraged to rise and attitudes that feed the negative aspects of ourselves are encouraged to drop off. If you are a woman reading this review in search of guidance and support, I urge you to make an appointment with Belina at A Woman’s Way to Recovery and embrace a beautiful and restorative experience!

Rose B.

I would highly recommend A Woman’s Way to Recovery to any woman that seeks empowerment in any arena, from addiction, mental health, everyday stress, and beyond. Belina Fruitman demonstrates a concern for her clients and follows their progress eagerly and with genuine care. She also allows for each client to be an individual, and helps her clients to build a skill set that is tailored specifically to them, providing support and strength to her clients even after they have left her office. Most impressively, Belina is the type of therapist that makes a woman want to succeed! There is something in her honest demeanor and gentle guidance that makes you look forward to each session and makes you eager to use the tools she helps you to sharpen so that you can come back and report success.

Erin L.

I have seen a few therapist over the years , and all of them were friendly and attentive. This time around however, I took the time to search a little deeper, as I needed someone who specialized in women’s issues. I personally struggle with PTSD, anxiety, depression and addiction – as a surviver of sexual (and domestic) abuse. I discovered ‘A Woman’s Guide To Recovery’ and Belina is absolutely amazing! In the past I had difficulty following through and staying committed to therapy. Since I started seeing Belina, I started seeing changes in myself. I actually look forward to my appointments! I have been sober since July 25, 2016. and for me, that’s a long time. Belina goes above and beyond her call of duty. She is very educated with extensive experience in her abilities to help women. If you are struggling with issues and needing guidance, I would highly recommend ‘A Women’s Guide To Recovery’. Belina has the compassion and the tools to help you see the light.

Jen M

Dear Belina, Words seem insufficient to express my gratitude for you advocacy, support, an provision over the last year. Thank you for giving me a safe place to come to terms with the unfortunate circumstances that have plagued my life for years, and the support I needed to accept the things I’ve run from. I am so blessed to have an answered prayer in you and the group. I feel adequately equipped to carry on, and furthermore, anxious to see what has yet to unfold in my future. From the bottom of my heart – thank you!

Michele Holland

Dear Belina, I hope you’re enjoying your holidays with your family. I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. You are so kind, caring, genuine and dedicated. I’m extremely grateful for all of your support the past few months. With your help I’ve broken some of the thinking patterns that I’ve had for years. I thought I might always be stuck in my “using food to deal with my problems” cycle but I can’t thank you enough for helping me be more mindful and deal with my emotions without a vice. I feel free. All the best to you and your family, and I’m looking forward to talking with you this next year.


Amongst the myriad of reasons I’d most highly, and without reservation, recommend this organization to assist you with any of your mental health needs, the most important and compelling is the empathy and true compassion shown by Belina Fruitman, the lead therapist. From her first moment of interaction with you, Belina radiates a genuine concern and sincere desire to know and help you. She never passes judgement, and yet, at the same time, Belina will not coddle clients to appease them. Rather, Belina works to guide them to confront their issues head-on, in a gentle, yet direct and proactive way. Providing many helpful strategies, exercises and research readings, Belina leads her clients through their deepest darkness back into their own light of renewed hope. Belina truly guides woman who have lost theur path back onto it, and back on their the road to their own recovery. This is a woman who is not only an expert in her field and a consummate professional, but also, and most importantly, she is a woman who is one of those rare people who truly cares about her clients and seeks to cultivate them as a whole person, encouraging them to live to their highest potential. As evidence of this, Belina will work to accommodate her clients’ financial as well as schedule needs, often working on a sliding scale, allowing payment plans and scheduling clients for evening appointments as needed. She’s happy to make you copies and lend you materials. She’s never too busy to help a client in need. I’ve seen over 6 different therapists in the past 16 years, and Belina is, by far, the best there is. This is the place to go if you need any help for any area of your life. Anywhere and anyone else pales in comparison. You’ll never regret making a call and scheduling an appointment with Belina. She is a literal life savor to whom I’ll forever be grateful.

Amie P.

It has been almost a year since I met Belina Fruitman and I cannot begin to describe what a positive experience I have had as a result. Now that I know her and the work she does, I would almost certainly continue therapy with her even if it was not court-ordered. When I first made contact, it was as a result of an internet search specific to the area where I was living. I had not yet gone to court and wasn’t yet convinced I really needed to be in therapy. At the suggestion of my attorney and a couple of other people who were more familiar than I with the legal system surrounding a DUI, I inquired about Alcohol Education Classes. Belina not only took my call, she followed up with me to answer questions and encourage me to attend without any pressure whatsoever. I was on the fence, not being able to decide what I should do. With gentle persuasion in the form of an invitation, I went to my first class. What a good decision it was. Belina is one of the best listeners I know. She is not judgmental and has a memory that allows for an easy continuation of dialog, even if there are weeks in between meetings. She rarely takes notes that might interrupt the flow, but seems to have a gift for absorbing information and reminding me of statements made that might help me better understand current events. She goes the extra mile, offering help with others in the court system. It makes me feel as if she is a member of my recovery team without having been asked to take that role. Her support is generous. She emphasizes that each of us women deserve respect and a second chance. Then, she provides the tools to work through a lousy situation with pride, dignity and grace. Because of her obviously thorough experience and continuing education, she easily offers a wealth of approaches with a focus on recovery and how it is different for women. Finally, a comment on the space in which she works: Belina has created a warm and safe room for groups, with a lovely view of nature and access to fresh air. As well, her office is comfortable and private. I look forward to my time each week.

Judie F.

A Woman’s Way to Recovery is a magical place. Between the welcoming atmosphere, the superb counseling, and the feeling of safety and sisterhood, it is top notch if you are interested in participating in a positive counseling process. I am so thankful that I found A Woman’s Way to Recovery after I was ordered by the courts to attend DUI classes and therapy. I entered the DUI program feeling pretty broken, disillusioned, and like I was all alone. As I worked through the program my inner sparkle came back, I gained skills to help me stay sober and mend many of the broken pieces of my life, and found that I shared many common experiences and feelings with other women, which reduced the feeling of being all alone. I highly recommend A Woman’s Way to Recovery for any woman who is struggling with addiction, despair, personal problems, legal issues related to alcohol or drugs, or feelings that alcohol and drug use are negatively impacting their lives. I truly believe that positive change is possible for every person and with support these changes are more likely to be realized.

Adrienne M.