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I have seen a few therapist over the years , and all of them were friendly and attentive. This time around however, I took the time to search a little deeper, as I needed someone who specialized in women’s issues. I personally struggle with PTSD, anxiety, depression and addiction – as a surviver of sexual (and domestic) abuse. I discovered ‘A Woman’s Guide To Recovery’ and Belina is absolutely amazing! In the past I had difficulty following through and staying committed to therapy. Since I started seeing Belina, I started seeing changes in myself. I actually look forward to my appointments! I have been sober since July 25, 2016. and for me, that’s a long time. Belina goes above and beyond her call of duty. She is very educated with extensive experience in her abilities to help women. If you are struggling with issues and needing guidance, I would highly recommend ‘A Women’s Guide To Recovery’. Belina has the compassion and the tools to help you see the light.

Jen M

Dear Belina, Words seem insufficient to express my gratitude for you advocacy, support, an provision over the last year. Thank you for giving me a safe place to come to terms with the unfortunate circumstances that have plagued my life for years, and the support I needed to accept the things I’ve run from. I am so blessed to have an answered prayer in you and the group. I feel adequately equipped to carry on, and furthermore, anxious to see what has yet to unfold in my future. From the bottom of my heart – thank you!

Michele Holland

Dear Belina, I hope you’re enjoying your holidays with your family. I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. You are so kind, caring, genuine and dedicated. I’m extremely grateful for all of your support the past few months. With your help I’ve broken some of the thinking patterns that I’ve had for years. I thought I might always be stuck in my “using food to deal with my problems” cycle but I can’t thank you enough for helping me be more mindful and deal with my emotions without a vice. I feel free. All the best to you and your family, and I’m looking forward to talking with you this next year.